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by Killing Thing

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released June 7, 2013

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered at Studio 344 by Brette Ciamarra.

On this recording, Killing Thing is Nathan Dietrich, John Faust, Benjamin Gardner, Greg Loeffler, and William Scott.



all rights reserved


Killing Thing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Heavy Shit Est. 2013 | 'Til Death

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Track Name: Ox King
A broken cross lies on the floor
You know you're daughters gone.
But it still ain't home
So please don't tell daddy his little girls done wrong.
Because you know it's a full damn moon
A scent of blood in the room

We hope she's the only one

Well god damn a bad man came
From way out west
And this town ain't been the same
I can feel it in my chest

I can't say he was born of the devil
But the look in his eyes made the pastor spit
Lock your doors or hell let himself right in

A broken cross lies on the floor
And she don't love me anymore
I swear there will be blood

No force can stop my hands from shaking
And I won't stop til I see red

Well god damn a bad man came
A bad man left
You won't see him again

The ox king rests
Track Name: Hark
Rise men from wilted roots
Dirty teeth and rusted suits
Altar boys have locked the door
To a congregation of thieves and whores

Vigilance feels the air

Forgive me father, for I have sinned

You took this land with and iron fist
A mothers tears an fathers missed
His army can't stop us
Your army can't stop us

Can't stop us

Burn the king at the stake

Poverty and pestilence wet the lips of the people
A broken crown under the reign of them
A burning church, a flaming steeple

Smoke pours to a blackened sky
Wake up
Cold and alone
And procreate
It's a lions den
It's an epipen
Everything dies if you're willing to wait

You stole this land
We took it back
From broken hands