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released March 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Killing Thing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Heavy Shit Est. 2013 | 'Til Death

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Track Name: Killing Thing - Weathered
I haven’t been myself this year
I haven’t seen my face
I used to blame it on the mirror
now I blame my hate

nothing feels good anymore
a key broke in the lock
I flip the switch
but the lights stay off

head on, face first
but even the strongest rocks
are weathered by the ocean

cut me open
fill me with cement
sew me up
watch my dive in

but I will rise

and with the pressure on my back
my spine won't break
and all those lies I made
I'll take to my grave

I won't fall by you
I will start anew
Track Name: Native Wildlife - Most Accidents Happen Close To Home
I'd unmake every plan if I could leave with you. I won't be worth a thing if I leave this place, but it's not a home. The first thing you build is never right, and it's rarely safe.

While patiently questioning these decrepit surroundings, I have been disproven at every turn.

Let us not be found until our sun-bleached bones say, "We are at peace."
Let us not be found until our sun-bleached bones say, "We are at peace. This is where we chose to love the way our feet touch the ground."
Track Name: Aviator - So I Says To Her, I Says This (I Says)
Why can't I let you in?
Why do I lock myself out?
Why don't we change the subject?
What's there to talk about?
Why don't you let me in?
Why do I lock you out?
Why can't we change the subject?
What's left to talk about?

In a town so small
Miles from anywhere
Why can't I leave?
What's keeping me here?
Wind through the trees
Or cars going by
All the fucking the same to me
All a waste of time

What else do I have to offer if not repetition?

Why do I long for love?
Why can't I seem to live?
Guess I'll just write about all the above
'Til I have nothing left to take
What's true is left unsaid
What lies in myths we're told
I need a place to place my head
I need a hand to shake